How to Add Music to Your MP3 Player for Free

by Stephen Lilley

MP3 players don't just come with music already contained on their internal hard drives. More often than not, the hard drive on an MP3 player will come completely empty and you will have to add music to your device on your own. Luckily, this process is free. Your MP3 player will have a specific program that is associated with it that you can use to add music to your device that won't cost you any additional money to use.


Install the software on your computer that is required to add music to your MP3 player. If you have an Apple iPod, for example, you will need to download and install the iTunes software from Apple's website (see References). All other brands of MP3 players come with disks that are used to install the software. Simply insert the disk into your computer and click on the "Install" button on your monitor.


Open the software used to add music to your MP3 player that you installed in Step 1.


Click "File" and then "Add File." Use this dialog box to add music from your computer's hard drive into your program's "Media Library." This library is just a collection of audio files that you can either play or transfer to your MP3 player.


Connect your MP3 player to your computer. This is done by connecting the data transfer cable that came with your MP3 player to both the MP3 player and to a USB port on the case of your computer. You can use any USB port on the case of your computer that isn't being occupied by another device or cable.


Click the "Sync" button inside the program that is used to add music to your MP3 player. This will transfer all of the songs that are listed in your "Media Library" to your MP3 player's internal hard drive. You can then play the songs you've just added to your MP3 player by using the controls on the front of the device itself.


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