How to Add Multiple Twitter Accounts with Hootsuite

By Andrew Aarons

Twitter is about making connections.
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Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has grown to over 500 million registered users, so it's not surprising that third-party companies have developed programs to make the service more convenient. Having and managing more than one account manually can be annoying and time-consuming, as it requires you to log in and out every time you need to switch accounts. Hootsuite changes that, letting you put multiple Twitter accounts in one place so that you can tweet for a central suite.

Limits on Free Accounts

When you sign up for Hootsuite you’re given a basic free account. That free account allows you to link Hootsuite to a maximum of five social media accounts, all of which can be Twitter accounts (though Hootsuite can also link up with Facebook and LinkedIn, among other social media platforms). If five accounts is enough for you, the free version of the software will be enough; if you need to manage more than five Twitter accounts, upgrade to Hootsuite Pro, which has unlimited social profiles.

Adding Accounts

Once you’ve signed up for and installed Hootsuite, open the program and add your first Twitter account. Enter your Twitter user name and password when prompted and wait for Hootsuite to retrieve your details, including your profile picture. Then click the “user profile” icon (your picture) and click “Add a Social Network” under “My Social Networks.” Sign out of your Twitter account using your Web broswer and sign in to another account that you want to add to Hootsuite. Select “Twitter” in Hootsuite and then “Connect to Twitter” to sync with the new account.

Managing Multiple Accounts

Each time you add a new Twitter account to Hootsuite, the icon of its profile picture and the name of the Twitter user appears along the top bar of the Hootsuite dashboard. When you compose a tweet, Hootsuite automatically assigns it to your default account – the first one you synced with the program. To tweet from another account, simply click on the account at the top to select it and unselect the default account.

Tweeting from Five Accounts at Once

There may come a time when you really need to spread a message, and Hootsuite has you covered there. Compose your tweet as you might for your own account and then click on all five of your accounts along the top to broadcast that tweet from all accounts simultaneously. Click the calendar icon if you want to schedule the tweet to appear at different times from different accounts, saving your followers from getting blasted by the same message five times in a row.