How to Drag a Movie to an iTunes Media Library

by Contributor

Using iTunes' powerful interface, you can manage your digital media collection, listen to music and even add movies into your media library. Find out how add a movie file to iTunes.

Open iTunes. The program will start automatically if you connect an iPod to your computer with a USB cable or a docking station.

Go to the File menu.

Select "Add File to Library." This will bring up a dialog box.

Click on the name of the movie you wish to add to your library. At the left side of the iTunes interface, you will see a Source menu. Your movie is under the Videos heading.

If you wish to move your movie to a portable media device such as an iPod, you will have to select the file and drag it to the name of the device under the Source menu.


  • check If you wish to play a video, simply click on the filename and it will play automatically.
  • check If you wish to view the movie in Full Screen mode, click on the Preview and drag the movie into the Visualization window.


  • close Do not attempt to connect an iPod to a computer that does not have iTunes installed. This may cause errors.

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