How to Add Prepaid Airtime Minutes on the Alltel LG Phone

By Evette Snowden

Add additional airtime to your phone at
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You can reload airtime on your Alltel pre-paid LG phone online or via a pre-paid phone card. While both options are fairly easy, bonus minutes are awarded when you load your account through the Alltel website.

Log on to the Alltel website. If you have not done so, register for an account by clicking on "Register Now" on the home page. You will be prompted to enter your information. Have your phone handy during registration.

Choose "Add Money" to refill your account. You will be prompted to enter your payment information. You can choose credit or debit, but if you do not have access to a card you can purchase a refill card from a store and use it to add airtime. Alltel offers bonus minutes with every online replenishment.

Call the phone number on the back of the pre-paid refill card if you do not want to go online to reload. An automated voice prompt will guide you through loading the card value to your account. Have your phone and the refill card available when you call.