How to Add Memory to Garmin GPS

by Melissa King

Garmin GPS navigation devices are built for a variety of tasks and uses in several locations, such as in cars, trucks, airplanes, boats and on foot. Most Garmin devices come with a small amount of internal memory. This memory allows you to store additional maps, points of interest or data like photos and music. If this memory is used up, many Garmin GPS devices can receive extra memory through the insertion of an SD card. With an SD card, approximately 2GB to 8GB of memory may be gained.


Insert an SD card into the memory card slot on your Garmin GPS. Depending on the model of GPS you own, you may only be able to use a 2GB card. Other models accept up to an 8GB memory card. Refer to your device's manual for capacity information.


Connect the Garmin GPS to a computer with a USB cable. Wait for the computer to find the device.


Navigate to "My Computer" and locate the "Garmin" drive. Double-click it to open it. Copy any files you wish to store on the Garmin into this drive. Files such as custom points of interest, maps for other countries, music and photos may be stored.


Click "Eject," located in the bottom right corner of the computer's system tray, and disconnect the Garmin from the computer.


  • close The file types that can be stored may vary between different Garmin models. For example, some models are unable to store music files. Consult your user manual to determine the accepted file types.

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