How to Add Maps to the Mio C230

By Candice Abrams

The Mio eliminates the need for a map.
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The Mio C230 portable Global Positioning System (GPS) comes installed with its own Tele Atlas maps of the United States and Puerto Rico. However, you may want to download maps from other parts of the world. Unfortunately, you cannot download the maps from the Mio website to your device. Instead, you need to add the maps using the Mio software disc that came with your Mio.

Plug the mini USB cable into the bottom of your Mio GPS device. Insert the other end of the cable into an available USB port on your computer.

Launch the Mio software on your computer.

Click "My Maps" on the left side of the software interface. It will list all the maps loaded on your Mio device. Installed maps are in green, ready to install maps are in yellow, maps required for activation are in red and maps that must be purchased are in blue.

Click on the map you want to add to your Mio. Enter your credit card information, if you need to pay for the map. The map will download to the "Map Source" window on the software interface.

Click the "Map Source" window. Select "My Mio" in the destination to which you want to add the map. Click "Transfer Now" and the map will download to your device.