How to Add Maps in iGo 8

By Jessica Best

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IGo navigation systems are available in both mobile GPS as well as handheld GPS devices made by iGo. IGo 8 is a software which the GPS maps run off of. With this software on the GPS unit, users can upload new, updated maps to the device with NaviExtras toolbox, which is in CD form when the unit is purchased. If the CD is lost, the software can be downloaded from the iGo My Way website.

Step 1

Connect the iGo 8 device to the computer using the USB cable.

Step 2

Open the "NaviExtras toolbox" program on the computer. This program is found under "All Programs" in the Start menu. If the program is not installed on the computer and the CD is missing, the program can be downloaded from the iGo My Way website.

Step 3

Log into the program. This is done by clicking the second icon on the top toolbar.

Step 4

Select "Get Maps and More" from the side menu. A list of available maps will open.

Step 5

Select "Get Map" next to the desired map and select "Install." The map is now downloaded to the device and is ready to use the next time the device is powered on.