How to Add a Line in Word

by Gregory Hamel

Microsoft Word is a word-processing program that allows users to compose, print and save text documents. Word offers a variety of text formatting options, but it also contains tools to insert graphical objects such as graphs, shapes and lines. Solid lines can help separate information contained in Word documents, and several line segments can be joined to make boxes and other shapes.

Double-click on the document file that you want to edit.

Click the "Insert" tab.

Click "Shapes," and then click the plain line segment under "Lines."

Click the Word document and hold down the mouse button. The spot where you click will become one end of the line segment. A dotted line will appear showing the position of the line segment that will be created when you release the mouse button

Move your mouse until the dotted line assumes the position where you want to create the line, and then release the mouse button. A line segment will be added in place of the dotted line.


  • check You can add a new blank line for text by clicking the end of a line of text and pressing the "Enter" key.
  • check You can use the insert shapes button to add other types of objects such as lines with arrows on one or both sides, squares and triangles.

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