How to Add a Line to AT&T Without a Contract

by Paul Lin

If you want to add an extra family member or friend to your existing cell phone plan, AT&T can perform the activation over the phone, in person or online. Although adding an extra line to your existing account incurs additional monthly fees, AT&T does not require you to upgrade or renew your contract to do so. Simple speak with a customer service representative and have a new line set up in a matter of minutes.

Visit the AT&T; "Add a Line" web page. Log into your AT&T; account and click on the "Add a Line" link. This takes you to another page where your account is reviewed, after which you select a phone of your choice, which will be shipped to you within three to five business days. Any charges from the phone will appear on your next monthly bill.

Visit a local authorized AT&T; retailer. Ask a representative about adding a line and present him with the primary name and phone number associated with the account, as well as the account number. Once the process is complete, choose an additional phone and the representative will set up a phone number for the newly activated line and provide you with a SIM card.

Browse the list of phones on the AT&T; website and write down the make, model and color you want before calling the AT&T; representative. Call the AT&T; representative at 888-333-6651. Provide the representative with your primary name, phone number and account number to expedite the process. Request to add an extra line and tell the representative which phone you would like. Your device and SIM card should arrive in the mail within three to five business days. Any activation or phone fees will appear on your next monthly bill.


  • check When adding a line over the phone, ask the representative if he can waive the activation fee or provide a discount on the phone. If you have been with AT&T; network service for a long time, use the loyalty argument in persuading the representative to waive the fees.

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