How to Add Images to Premiere Pro Title

By Editorial Team

Updated July 21, 2017

One very handy function of Premiere Pro is the ability to create titles. Titles can include any type of text, including title of your movie, names of your actors and crew and even subtitles. They can be created using any font available on your computer, and you can add logos, photos and other graphics to customize your movie. Once you add an image and logo to a title in Premiere Pro you can change its properties and size if needed.

Open Premiere Pro and your project with the edited sequence of video clips.

Create a new title, or double click on an existing title in your Project Panel window to open the title editor window. To create a new title, go to the File menu at the top of your workspace, and select “New” then “Title.” Type a name and click OK.

Go to the title menu at the top of your workspace and then select Logo, and then Insert Logo. Navigate to the point where your file is saved and click Open.

Use the selection tool to drag your file to the point where you want it placed on your card.

Go to the title menu again and then to Logo, and then Insert Logo Into Text, if you have a text box in your title. Select the type tool and click the point where you want the logo or photo inserted.

Select the logo and go to the title menu. Choose Logo, and then Restore Logo Size or Restore Logo Aspect Ratio if you wish to return an image to its original size or aspect ratio.


Creating titles should be one of the final steps of your project. You will want to wait until your edit is complete before creating and placing them in your edit, otherwise you may end up creating extra work for yourself.

Items you will need

  • Premiere Pro

  • Digitized video sequence

  • Image or logo to use in title