How to Add a Hulu Widget to Sony Bravia

By Stephanie Breaux

Your TV offers better viewing for Hulu than a laptop.
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The Hulu Plus application is available for Sony BRAVIA televisions. Like the Hulu website, this application allows you to watch popular television shows from networks such as CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC. While the Hulu website is free to view on your computer, you need to become a subscriber of Hulu Plus to stream videos on other devices, such as your television. Once you register for a Hulu Plus account and download the application to your television, you can watch your favorite shows from the comfort of your living room.

Step 1

Select the "Video" option from the Xcross media bar.

Step 2

Scroll through the list of options and select "Hulu Plus."

Step 3

Select to download the Hulu Plus application to your television. The application automatically installs on your system after the download completes.

Step 4

Access the application and sign in to your Hulu Plus account. If you do not have an account, register on the Hulu website (see Resources).