How to Add HDMI to a TV

by Jeff Grundy
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The high-definition media interface (HDMI) has gained popularity in recent years and is quickly replacing the RCA interface for audio and video signals in electronic components. Many newer video output devices no longer even come with RCA connectors and won't connect to older TV sets or displays without use of an adapter. Fortunately, using an adapter to connect an older display or TV to a new video output device takes only a few minutes and requires no special skills or tools.

Step 1

Power off the TV and video device.

Step 2

Connect the RCA end of the adapter cable into an available set of RCA connectors on the TV. Plug the red, white and yellow connectors into ports of the same color on the TV.

Step 3

Insert the HDMI connector end of the adapter cable into the output port on the video device.

Step 4

Power on the TV and video device. Use the TV remote control to change the input option for the video source to the new device.

Start the new video device.


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