How to Add FiOS TV to a Room

by Darrin Meyer
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FiOS, offered by Verizon in selected areas, is the subscription television service through which TV signals and other digital services are delivered to the home through fiber-optic cables, providing higher-quality video compared to standard cable. The channels and features available with FiOS rival those of the major cable and satellite TV providers, and among those features is the ability to access recorded FiOS programming from TVs in different rooms without adding additional DVRs, provided you have the proper equipment.

Step 1

Contact a Verizon FiOS representative to request the Home Media DVR, which is the receiver box required for multi-room viewing, as well as additional non-DVR set-top box(es) for each TV you wish to connect. An additional fee will apply for the equipment and corresponding service.

Step 2

Connect the Home Media DVR to the coaxial outlet in the wall and to the TV you use for the majority of your viewing, using HDMI or component video cables if the TV has HD capability.

Step 3

Connect a coaxial cable from the wall outlet to the coaxial input of the receiver box(es) in each additional viewing room. The information is passed back and forth between boxes through the coaxial cables in the household allowing the additional boxes to access the Home Media DVR, with no cables directly connecting the various boxes.

Connect the additional box(es) to the other TV(s) in your home using cables supported by that TV (HDMI, component, coaxial or composite). Record programs in the main viewing room with the Home Media DVR and press the "DVR" button on the remote control with that or any of the other set-top boxes to access the recorded programs.


  • Additional set-top boxes and TVs must have HD capability to view programming in HD.
  • The installation process may be handled for you by the FiOS technician if it is during the initial installation.


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