How to Add Files to an iPhone Without iTunes

by Mario Calhoun

Although iTunes is the primary application used to transfer information from your computer to your iPhone, you can also send documents, images and music to your iPhone through the use of third-party applications found in the App Store. These file transferring applications range in price--some are free--and require a shared Wi-Fi connection as well as installation on both your computer and the iPhone for successful transferring. Other requirements include the iPhone 3.0 software, which can be downloaded through your iTunes application.


Download FileViewer. This free application connects your iPhone to your computer and allows you to send files to your iPhone and back to your computer. FileViewer supports Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and iWork '09 files, as well as images. In addition to transferring, you can also email files as attachments from the application.


Download File Magic. File Magic not only supports documents and images, it can also transfer music, videos and large folders to your iPhone. After transferring a file to your iPhone, you can also transfer it to another iPhone with File Magic installed as long as both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.


Download Wi-Fi HD. This free application from SavySoda performs the basic tasks of transferring your files from your computer to your iPhone via a shared Wi-Fi connection. Similar to File Magic, you're also able to send files to another iPhone user that has the same application installed on his phone.

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