How to Add Facebook Contacts to Skype

By Joshua Phillips

You can find your Skype ID by looking on Skype's website.
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One of the most difficult parts about integrating a new piece of technology into your life, such as Skype, is adding all of your contacts from various websites to it. Instead of asking your friends one-by-one for their Skype username and other details, you can import your friend's information into Skype from Facebook using Skype's built-in import tool. This tool will scan your Facebook friends list, letting you know who is already on Skype and allowing you to add them to your Skype contact list.

Step 1

Launch Skype and sign in to your account.

Step 2

Click "Contacts" followed by "Import Contacts..." from the drop-down menu.

Step 3

Click the "Facebook" tab.

Step 4

Enter your Facebook username and password into the fields provided and click "Import."

Step 5

Select the Facebook contacts to whom you want to send a Skype request. Click "Add XX Contacts" to send the request, where "XX" denotes the number of friends chosen. The contacts will show up on your contact list but you will not be able to contact them until they accept your request. Click "Next" when you are done or "Skip" to skip this step.

Step 6

Select the Facebook contacts from the list that you want to send an email to inviting them to join Skype. Click "Send Email." If you do not wish to send any Skype invitations, click "Skip."