How to Add Emoticons

by Ian Moore

Emoticons are images generated by a text code that display a state of emotion. These are most commonly used for emailing and instant messaging. In contrast to abbreviations such as "lol," (laughing out loud), emoticons add a more personalized effect. Let everyone know what you are really feeling by creating and adding emoticons to your next message.


Log into your email service provider or instant messaging application. Open a new message window. A variety of emoticons are available within the email and messenger programs of many providers.


Select an emoticon. Most email services providers and instant messengers contain a selection of emoticons within the new message window. Click on the desired emoticon and it will appear in the message.


Enter an emoticon code. The available emoticons may be limited in the application you are using. Many websites, such as, offer selection of possible codes. Copy and paste the code into the message window.


Click "Send" to deliver the message.


  • check Some applications may only display a text code rather than an image.

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