How to Add an Email to a Yahoo! Whitelist

by Justen Everage

Sometimes email providers erroneously mark a legitimate sender as a spammer and forward his messages to your spam folder. In terms of email, "Whitelisting" refers to removing a sender from your spam list, so that his emails are delivered to your inbox. With Yahoo!'s email service, you may whitelist a sender by adding him to your contacts list. Emails already sent to your spam folder can be marked as "Not Spam" and transferred to your inbox.


Log in to Yahoo! using your username and password.


Click the Spam folder on the left side of the page. This page displays all mail that Yahoo! recognizes as spam.


Locate any email messages from the user you want to add to your whitelist and select the corresponding check boxes. Click the "Not Spam" button on the upper menu of the page. Check your inbox to verify that the messages were transferred correctly.


Place a check for a message in your inbox that is from the sender you wish to add to your whitelist. While the sender is selected, click the settings button above the list of messages and select "Add Sender to Contacts." Enter a preferred name the contact. You may also wish to add other contact information. Click the "Save" button and return to your inbox.


  • check Yahoo! may mark senders as spammers for unknown reasons. Sometimes legitimate email contain subject matter often found in spam, which may contribute to the message being filed incorrectly. Whitelisting a sender that Yahoo! often mistakes for spam will resolve this problem. Whitelisting does not address unanticipated senders. To ensure you receive mail regarding a specific subject, location or keyword, set up filters in your Yahoo! inbox. Filters can be created from the Options menu in your inbox and allow mail containing select keywords to be sent directly to a specified folder.

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