How to Add an Email to a Spam List

by Michelle Varsallona
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Sometimes, spam email slips through your spam filter and ends up in your inbox. You do not have to keep or view this email. If you do not recognize the sender, move it to the spam folder immediately. Opening and following any links in a suspicious email can damage your computer with a virus or other malware.

Step 1

Open your web browser of choice.

Step 2

Go to your email provider’s website.

Step 3

Log into your email account.

Step 4

Open the inbox. For some email providers the page automatically opens to your inbox, while on others you have to select “Inbox” from a sidebar or a tab at the top.

Step 5

Click the box next to the email you want to mark as spam. A check mark will appear next to the mail.

Click the “Junk” or “Spam” tab at the top. The mail you marked is now moved into the email’s “Spam” folder. You can choose to leave the email in the “Spam” folder or delete it from there.


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