How to Add an Email to a Roundcube

By Kim Sarah

Email clients store messages on a remote server.
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Roundcube is a free email client anyone can use. It works as almost any other email client in that it sends, receives and saves messages, has a folder system for organization, spell checking capabilities and the option to search through your messages. To add an email to this Web mail client, you must connect it with another personal email account of yours. To do this, you will have to install and configure the program. You should have already set up your database prior to adding your email to Roundcube.

Download Roundcube. A link to the download is provided in the Resources section. Click the "Download" button to trigger the download to start.

Extract the downloaded files to your computer. Locate and right click the file name on your computer. The file name should end in ".tar.gz." Select "Unzip" from the pop-up menu. This will trigger your computer's zip file extractor to begin extracting the files to your computer. This process will take a few minutes. After the files have been extracted, a file window will appear showing the extracted files.

Launch your terminal or command line program. Click on the "Start" menu. Type "Command prompt" into the search box at the bottom of the menu. Click "Command prompt" when it appears in the menu.

Type the following code into the command prompt window.

"CREATE DATABASE roundcubemail;

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON roundcubemail.* TO username@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'password';"

Replace "roundcubemail" with your choice of database name. Replace "username@localhost" with the email address that you would like to add to Roundcube. Replace "password" with the password of the email that you would like to add to Roundcube.

Flush user privileges to avoid a connection error. Type the following code in the command prompt window after the code typed in the previous step:


Click the "Install" file that was previously extracted by your computer's zip file extractor. Click "Start Installation" when prompted on your screen.

Click "Next" to begin developing config files. Click "Create Config" when prompted. This will trigger two boxes to appear. Copy and paste the information within these two boxes into a text editor. Name the file from the first box "" and the file from the second box "". Save the files in the directory of Roundcube named "config."

Click "Continue" to verify your configurations in Roundcube against the host of the email that you are connecting to Roundcube. This will finalize the connection between Roundcube and the email that you connected to Roundcube. You can now use Roundcube as your would any other email account. Repeat the whole process for each email account that you wish to connect to Roundcube.