How to Add a DVR on Comcast

By Jacob Stover

Adding a DVR to a DirecTV account is simple.
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Digital video recording (DVR) machines allow users to save televised content to an optical disk or hard drive for later viewing. DVR machines can be integrated with your cable service to add additional functionality such as scheduled recording and automatic updates. Comcast offers DVR machines for rental in some locations, so you can try out the technology without a large investment. You can add DVR to your Comcast service package in just a few minutes through a telephone call or Internet service request.

Step 1

Contact Comcast to change your subscription plan. You can call Comcast directly at "1-800-Comcast" to speak with a customer representative. You can also use the Comcast homepage to add a service to your account. Simply log in using your account information, then click "Add Comcast Services" at the bottom of the web page.

Step 2

Schedule an appointment to have your DVR machine added to the account. If you do not own a DVR machine, you can add a rental to your account and schedule an installation visit. If you already own a DVR machine, you can simply note this to the customer representative to speed up the process. Technicians may still need to visit your home to inspect the DVR machine for compatibility and diagnostic issues.

Step 3

Allow the service technicians to complete the installation. If you are using an existing DVR machine, simply follow the user manual to connect the device to your television. Your DVR machine will likely use a separate remote from your main television remote control. Familiarize yourself with the functions of the new remote and make sure it is properly synchronized with the DVR machine.

Step 4

Use the remote to navigate through the various functions of the DVR machine. The "Menu" and "Guide" buttons let you open basic navigation menus. Use the channel listings to set up recording schedules for your favorite shows. The DVR subscription fee and any installation or service fees should be added to your billing statement in the following month.