How to Add Domain Names to Safe Lists on Yahoo!

by Benjamin Aries
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Yahoo uses spam filters to detect and remove unwanted emails. If your Yahoo mail account receives a suspicious message, it may be automatically directed to the "Spam" filter. This feature can help keep your inbox uncluttered and prevent spammers from discovering you have an active email address, however it may also accidentally cause you to miss important emails mistaken for spam. To prevent this problem, create a safe list or white list filter on your Yahoo mail account. Yahoo sends mail from a domain that matches the safe list filter directly to your inbox.

Step 1

Access Yahoo Mail, and log in with your username and password. Click the "Options" gear icon in the top-right corner. Click "Options."

Step 2

Choose "Filters" on the list of options on the left of the screen. Press the "Add" button. Type a name for the filter in the "Filter Name" field. This name is used for your reference.

Step 3

Locate the "Sender" column. Choose "Contains." Select the text field, and enter the domain name you wish to add to your safe list. For instance, type "" to allow all emails that contain the domain name.

Step 4

Verify that the drop-down field marked "Then deliver the email to the following folder" is set to "Inbox." Yahoo sends all messages from the safe list domain directly to your inbox. Press "Save."

Press the "Add" button and repeat the steps to add additional domain names to your safe list filter. Click "Inbox" to return to your mail.


  • Only add a domain to your safe list if you are sure that it is a trusted and safe source of email. If you would like to only filter messages from a specific sender, you can enter a full email address in place of the domain name. For example, you can add "" instead of the more broad "" filter.


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