How to Add More Disk Space to a Laptop Computer

By Brandon Wood

Add More Disk Space to a Laptop Computer
i hard drive interior image by Curtis Sorrentino from

The amount of disk space on a computer is the amount of room for files, videos, pictures and whatever else you may store on your computer. When your hard drive is approaching it's limit in disk space, your computer may run slower and may not be able to install new programs. There are a few simple things you can do to increase your disk space.

Delete unnecessary personal files on your laptop. Videos, documents and music that you no longer use may be consuming space on your computer. Scan through your hard drives and delete what you don't use.

Open up the control panel under the "Start" menu and select "Add/Remove Programs." Scroll through the list of programs and remove those programs you don't often use.

Run disk cleanup and disk defragmenter. These programs will delete temporary Internet files and unused programs to add space to your laptop.

Attach an external hard drive. These USB hard drives can be used to store your pictures, videos and other files that you don't need constant access to. Copy these files to your hard drive and delete them from your computer.

Upgrade your laptop hard drive. Take it to your local computer store and tell them you're ready for an upgrade. Be warned: the upgrade will be pricey.