How to Add a Disclaimer to My Blog Footer Using Google Blogger

by Jay Leon

Google Blogger uses gadgets to let you add information such as legal notices, disclaimers and copyright attribution. These gadgets work site-wide by default, so the same message appears on every page on your blog. If it is very important to you that visitors notice your disclaimer, format it accordingly to make it more conspicuous.

Step 1

Log in to Blogger. Under the blog title, click the drop-down arrow and click "Layout" if you use the updated interface or "Design" if you use the old interface.

Step 2

Click "Add a Gadget" in the blog footer area. Under "Basics," click "Text."

Step 3

Type a title for the disclaimer such as "Disclaimer" or "Warning."

Step 4

Type the disclaimer message under "Content." To add formatting to the text, click any of the icons in the toolbar. You can use bold, italic, block quotes, text color and hyperlinks.

Click "Save." Click "View Blog" to see the changes applied to your blog.


  • To use color from the toolbar, you must be in rich-text mode. Click "Rich Text."
  • Disclaimers are important especially if your blog is about legal or medical matters. Word your disclaimer properly. Get legal advice if you want to make sure it is appropriate for your site.

About the Author

Jay Leon began work as a writer and blogger in 2007. Her clients have included content provider Averheld and Loudoun Rewards Club. She writes about computing, web design, the Internet and travel.

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