How to Add a DIRECTV Outlet

By Cameron Easey

DirecTV is one of two satellite television services that is offered to consumers. The DirecTV system consists of a dish that can have one to four lines, each of which can be connected to a separate receiver. Depending on how a home is set up a line can run directly to a receiver or wired to go to an individual outlet in a specific room. When a DirecTV system is added to a home, additional outlets may need to be added to accommodate multiple receivers.

Step 1

See if your home is already set up with coaxial cable outlets. Look for an outlet in the wall that has an coaxial connector or a cover that can be removed. Most newer homes and condominiums have these outlets installed when being built.

Step 2

Run cable from the DirecTV dish to a basement or some other area where a line can run to each room where there is a receiver. A basement is a good place to run coaxial cable from the dish because each room should be within reach to run the cable to an outlet.

Step 3

Connect the coaxial cable from the dish to a cable that runs to each room with a receiver. Use a coupler that can be bought at an electronic store such as Radio Shack. Run two coaxial lines to a room that has a digital video recorder DVR to watch one channel while recording another.

Step 4

Install an outlet in each room for the coaxial cable. Drill a hole in the floor for the coaxial cable or run the cable through the wall and attach a cover with a coaxial connector. A coaxial cable will then need to be used to connect the receiver to the outlet.

Hide the coaxial cable if it needs to run along the floor or a wall. Run the cable along the edge of a wall and the floor or use a piece of edging to cover the cable.