How to Add Credit Cards to Quickbooks

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Adding a credit card to Quickbooks, using a PC, is similar to adding any other type of account. With a few quick clicks you will have successfully added a credit card and can begin tracking your expenses.

How to Add Credit Cards to Quickbooks

Locate your Chart of Accounts, under the List menu. Select "New Account" by pressing control-N. Choose "Credit Card" as the account type.

Fill in the credit card information, including the account name (what you want to call it) and the credit card number. You can add an opening balance if there is one.

Use your right mouse button and click once on the account in the "Chart of Accounts" list. You will have options such as "Enter Credit Card Charges," "Reconcile," "Make Journal Entries" and "Transfer Funds." Select the option "Enter Credit Card Charges" and enter your finance charges and payments.


  • check Depending on your version of Quickbooks and your credit card company, you may be able to set your credit card up for online banking, which will allow you to download your transactions.


  • close Although these directions for the most part are universal, there may be small differences when using the Mac version or Quickbooks Online.

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