How to Add Contacts to a New Phone

by Steph Klark

So you've just acquired a new cell phone and it has already been activated and programmed, and you have called up your friends and family to let them know of your new number -- but you have not added any contacts in the phone yet. Well, adding contacts to your phone is simple. In the end, it will be easier to find a contact within your phone instead of memorizing all of those numbers. Add the name and phone number -- the basics of what the contact information should include.

Find and select the "Contacts" menu on your new phone.

Select "Add New" or "Add," to begin adding the contact information.

Type in the name of person you want to add in the "Name" field. Scroll down and fill in the "Phone Number" field as well. Continue to add phone numbers if your contact has more than one telephone number.

A website address can be saved in your contact list.

Type your contacts' email or website information in the respective fields. This is optional, but can be helpful when sending texts or picture messages.

Click "Save" or "OK" to save the information in your phone. Your contact has just been added to your contact list. You can find the information alphabetically by name.

Repeat Steps 1 through 5 for each contact you would like to add.


  • check Each phone menu is different. Menu icons may vary, or additional contact information can be added.
  • check You may be able to associate pictures with the names in your contact list.
  • check Some phones will automatically save the contact to the phone's SIM, or subscriber identity module card, which stores the contact information and other personal data.
  • check You can also add contacts when they call you, by saving their number and name.


  • close Remember to press "Save" after adding contact information.

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