How to Add Chapters to Audiobooks in iTunes

by Katrina Matterhorn

iTunes offers an audiobook feature that allows you to download and save audiobooks to iTunes, the iPod, iPad or an iPhone. You can choose from a variety of audiobooks to download from the iTunes store. What the audiobooks don't have are chapter separations. You can set up chapters using iTunes advanced settings options.

Step 1

Launch iTunes and right-click the audibook file. Click "Get Info," then "Options."

Step 2

Enter the "Start" and "Stop" time for each chapter in the empty text boxes. For example, chapter 1 will start at 0:00 and end at 15:15. Chapter 2 will then start at 15:15 and end at 34:15 depending on your preference.

Step 3

Click "Advanced," then "Create MP3 Version." Click the "Music" icon on the left pane and rename each chapter "1st Chapter," or whatever name you prefer.

Right-click "1st Chapter" on the left pane and click "Get Info," then "Options." Choose "Audiobook" as the "Media Kind" and click "OK." Repeat these steps for each chapter you set.

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