How to Add a Channel Manually to a Samsung LCD

By Michelle Carvo

Updated October 20, 2017

One thing you may notice when trying to add a channel manually to your Samsung LCD TV is that you cannot do it. This is because Samsung does not allow you to add a channel manually on its TVs.

Manual Channel Support

Manual channels typically have a low digital signal strength which means that they cannot be received at all. If the signal strength is strong enough then you will be able to add the channel with a channel scan, which you can do through the TV menu.

Restoring Deleted Channels Manually

You cannot add a channel manually, however, if you have removed a channel that was added during an auto scan, you can get it back on select TVs by pressing the "Menu" button, then choosing "Channels." Select "Channel List" on your menu and then scroll down to select a grayed out inactive channel and then select "Tools." Select "Add" on the tools menu and then press the "Enter" button on your remote to restore that channel manually to your TV. If you do not see the "Tools" option on your Channel List then this means that you cannot restore the channel manually and should instead try an auto channel scan to see if that resolves your problem.

Alternatives to Adding Channels Manually

If you cannot restore channels manually and also cannot resolve the problem by performing an auto scan, then you may still be able to access certain channels by simply manually typing them in on the remote. Keep in mind these channels won't show up when you're pressing the Channel Up and Channel Down buttons, but they almost always will work when manually typed in on your remote. You may want to consider purchasing a different type of antenna that better suits the channels you want to receive. Check AntennaWeb, co-sponsored by the National Association of Broadcasters and the Consumer Technology Association, to find out what type of antenna is best for your needs.