How to Add Typewriter Buttons to Adobe Acrobat 7.0

By Kim Sarah

The Typewriter Tool can be changed to fit user preferences.
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The Adobe Typewriter tool is a part of Adobe Acrobat that allows users to type directly into a PDF file. Before the creation of this tool, PDF documents had to be printed, filled in by hand and then scanned and emailed or simply mailed to a recipient. The built-in typewriter tool enables input to be typed directly into text-fields located throughout the document. Font size, style and color can be added, removed, or altered with the Typewriter Button section of the workspace. This section can be personalized for easy usage. This includes adding buttons.

Adding a Button to Adobe Typewriter

Launch Adobe Acrobat 7.0 by clicking on the program icon or going to the Start Menu, selecting "All Programs" and clicking "Adobe Acrobat 7.0"

Open a PDF document by clicking "File" and then "Open" or "File" and then "New" if you would like to open a blank PDF document.

Open the Typewriter Tool by selecting "Tools," "Typewriter" and then "Typewriter Toolbar."

Add the Typewriter Buttons and Tools to the toolbar by dragging the top bar of the Typewriter Tool to the toolbar on the top of the screen. This will dock the Typewriter tool with the rest of the Adobe tools.