How to Add Bluetooth to My Escalade

by Karen Taylor
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With Bluetooth, drivers can safely drive and talk on the phone, receive and send text messages and wirelessly stream music. During phone calls, you can hear the caller through your car's speakers. Your Escalade and your phone are connected. Since the Escalade is considered a luxury car in many markets, it likely already comes with Blueooth installed, especially if it is a newer model. If not, you need to purchase a kit.

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Purchase a universal kit. These Bluetooth kits work with just about any car and any car stereo. You can choose a simple one that you can move from your Escalade to another vehicle or a kit that requires you to remove the vehicle stereo and connect several wires. The simple kits clip to your Escalade's sun visor but don't communicate with your car's stereo. They are powered with rechargeable batteries or through your Escalade's cigarette lighter. The calls play over a small standalone speaker. More complicated kits can stream music, and your calls play over your stereo speakers.

Step 2

Purchase an adapter. It should be stereo-specific and the same brand as your stereo. These hideaway boxes connect to your stereo, and installation typically involves connecting one cable to the back of the stereo. Calls can be heard over your stereo speakers. You can also stream music.

Purchase a new stereo for your Escalade with Bluetooth built in. You can fully control your phone through the stereo and stream music. Installation is also simple, but if you don't know how to install a car stereo, let a professional do the work.


  • Take the Bluetooth unit and your Escalade for a test drive to make sure everything works correctly. Some of the wiring with Bluetooth can interfere with your Escalade's rear backup camera and park assist sensors. Take your Escalade to the dealership or electronics store and have a professional install Bluetooth.


  • Many car dealers will set up your Bluetooth system for you, especially if you have just purchased a new Escalade. Escalades produced from 2007 and onward have Bluetooth hands-free interface as a standard feature.


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