How to Add a Bank Account to Paypal

by Contributor

PayPal is a fast and secure method of online payment. It is even accepted at some of the most popular world-wide stores online. PayPal is a convenient way to send money to merchants, pay bills and paying with PayPal will help protect your current bank accounts against bank account fraud by keeping your personal account information private. The exact method required to confirm your account varies depending on your bank.


Log into your PayPal account by going to with your preferred Web browser. Click on the "Profile" menu at the top of the page.


Click on the "Bank Accounts" link. It is located in the financial information column in the center of the page.


Click the "Add" link. Enter your bank account information, including address, account number and routing number. Follow the instructions to confirm your account using your bank account login or verifying small deposits made by PayPal.


  • check You can add multiple checking accounts to your PayPal account.
  • check You can also add a credit card for a back up funding source.


  • close Never share your personal Paypal log in information with anyone
  • close Read some of the "how to" articles that PayPal provides to protect yourself against spoof emails.

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