How to Add New Data to an Already Existing Excel Spreadsheet

by Gregory Hamel
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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that stores and organizes data, analyzes data and creates graphs and charts of data tables. Even users who don't know any advanced functions in Excel can use the program for simple data organization tasks, such as creating lists by adding data to a spreadsheet over time over time. Adding data to an Excel spreadsheet is a basic operation that can be accomplished many different ways.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Excel.

Step 2

Open the spreadsheet that you want to add new data to by clicking the Windows icon, "Open," browsing for the Excel file, selecting it, and then clicking "Open."

Step 3

Use the slider bars on the right and bottom sides of the Excel sheet to navigate the data, and locate the cells where you want to add data.

Step 4

Select a cell by clicking on it, then type in the data that you want to add. You can move to adjacent cells to enter more data by using the arrow keys.

Step 5

Continue selecting cells and entering data until you are finished entering all the new data.

Click on the "File" or "Office" icon and select "Save" to save the new data.


  • If you don't want to add data to the same worksheet as the existing data in your Excel spreadsheet, click on one of the other worksheet tabs on the bottom of the Excel window. This will provide a space to add new data to your spreadsheet, but in a different blank set of cells from the existing data.
  • Hold down the "Control" key ("Option" for Mac) and press "Z" to undo your last action in Excel. This can help you quickly undo mistakes such as accidentally entering the wrong data or copying over cells that you want to keep.

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