How to Add AdSense to HostGator

by Erin McManaway

You can sign up for a free AdSense account and add AdSense advertisements to your webpages hosted on HostGator. You will need to choose your AdSense settings from the Google website. AdSense will generate an HTML code that you can paste into your website’s code once you have designed your ad’s size and content.


Log into your Google AdSense account on the AdSense website.


Click the “AdSense Setup” tab on the top menu. This will take you to the AdSense setup where you can choose the type of ad you wish to display on your website.


Click the “AdSense for Content” link.


Choose whether you want to display an “Ad unit,” which contains both pictures and text ads, or a “Link unit,” which displays topic links rather than actual ads. Click the “Continue” button.


Design your AdSense ad. Both types of ads will allow you to choose the size, color, fonts and formats so that you can best match them to your website layout. Click the “Continue” button once you have completed your ad design.


Choose an ad channel if you want AdSense to track this ad’s performance as part of an ad group. This is not mandatory, but it can help you to understand which ads are performing best in your AdSense statistics. Click the “Continue” button.


Assign a name to your new AdSense unit. Click the “Submit and get code” button.


Copy the complete AdSense ad code from the text box.


Open your website HTML code in a website editor.


Paste the AdSense code into your website’s HTML code at the location where you want your new ad to display, and save the file.


Upload the new HTML file to your HostGator account.


  • check AdSense ads may not appear on your site for the first 10 minutes.


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