How to Add Ads to Tumblr

by Paul Higgins
Image courtesy of Tumblr

Monetize your Tumblr blog by creating an account on an online advertising platform and pasting the code supplied by the platform in your blog's HTML code.


Ads are not the only way to monetize a Tumblr blog. To increase revenue, consider using your blog to promote your own products -- such as artwork, e-books or apparel -- or posting links to images or files hosted on pay-per-download platforms.

Create an Account on an Advertising Platform

Visit the home page of Google AdSense, Bing Ads or Infolinks -- three of the largest online advertising platforms -- and complete the account creation process. Wait for the platform to approve your account.


  • As an alternative to displaying ads from traditional advertising platforms that pay you per click or impression, consider signing up for an affiliate program that pays you a percentage of all sales made from users you send from your blog to a specific online store. Examples of popular online affiliate programs include Amazon Associates, the eBay Partner Network and ClickBank.
  • During the account creation process, advertising platforms typically require blog or website owners to disclose the URL of the site on which they want to display ads. This allows ad platforms to review your blog and ensure it complies with all content and technical requirements before activating your account. To maximize your chances of getting your account approved, ensure your blog has plenty of quality content and that it complies with all requirements before starting the account creation process.

Copy the HTML code supplied by the platform into your Windows clipboard.

Paste the Code Snippet in Your Blog's HTML Code


The HTML source code of Tumblr blogs tends to be complex. Knowing where to place the code to, for example, display a banner ad in your blog's header or sidebar, therefore requires you to have advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS. If you do not feel comfortable editing your blog's source code yourself, consider hiring a freelance Web developer on Upwork, Freelancer.com or Fiverr to do it for you.

Select Edit Appearance from the Account menu on your Tumblr dashboard.

Click Edit Theme.

Click the Edit Theme button.

Select Edit HTML.

Click the Edit HTML link to reveal your blog's source code.

Paste your code snippet and click Update Preview.

Paste the HTML code snippet supplied by the ad platform into your blog's source code at the place where you want the ad to appear. Click the Update Preview button and use the preview pane to check whether your ad displays correctly.

Click the Save button to save and publish your changes.

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