How to Add Additional Email Addresses With Verizon Email

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For a relatively small extra monthly charge, you can add additional email addresses to your Verizon email account. All Verizon customers receive a primary email address and four secondary email accounts, but large families and some individuals need more variation than the default service plan provides.

Find a Verizon monthly billing statement, either for your cell phone service or your Internet service. Look for the direct number for the customer service center in your state and call the Verizon offices.

Ask the customer service representative how many additional accounts each billing increment includes. You should have an idea how many email addresses you'll need in total before you're on the line with the rep.

Agree to add as many additional email accounts as you'll need. If, later on, you find you need more than you ordered, you can always add others. However, be aware that any setup fees which apply will be reapplied the next time you add additional email addresses.

Follow the customer service representative's directions for identifying the usernames attached to your new email accounts. Verizon will generally set default passwords with each account, which you can then go through and change. For security's sake, it is recommended that you not associate the same password with each and every one of your email accounts.

Activate your new email accounts, or assign them to family members as you desire. You can activate a Verizon email account by logging in using a Verizon email client (which was included with the software CD-ROM Verizon sent you when you signed up for Internet service). Conversely, since all Verizon accounts include web mail access for no extra charge, you can access them from the Verizon web mail website (see Resources below).

Look over your next billing statement closely. Ensure that all charges appear as they ought. In the event of a dispute, contact a Verizon customer service representative for clarification.


  • check If you need additional web storage space to go with your additional email addresses, know that Verizon also provides customers extra space in increments of 5 megabytes.


  • close Ask about setup fees when you call to order more email addresses--depending on the specifics of the package you order, Verizon may charge you a one-time setup fee in addition to the regular monthly charges for your additional email accounts.

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