Activating the Camera for Skype on an iPhone

By Anthony Oster

Skype can connect to other smartphone users or computer-based Skype clients.
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Using Skype on your iPhone allows you to talk to your employees, face to face. The camera on your iPhone may be enabled and disabled as you please using the Skype call options. Some iPhones are equipped with two cameras, one on the front and one on the back of the device. Skype's user settings allow you to toggle between the front and back cameras.

Placing a Call

You may only place a Skype call on an iPhone 3GS or later, or a 3rd generation iPod touch or later. Skype will work on products that do not have a camera, though your contacts will not see you during your call. To place a call, open Skype and select one of your contacts. Contacts who are able to video chat will be displayed with a video camera next to their name in your contacts list. Select the contact that you would like to call and press the "Video Call" button to begin a video call. While in a video call, you will not be able to make other voice calls, but can and send and receive text messages from friends who are connected to Skype.

Activating the Camera

While engaged in a video call, you have the option to turn your camera off and on. Tap the "Camera" button and choose to turn the camera off or on. Devices that have two cameras will also give you the option to select between using the front or back camera of your device.


To use Skype on the iPhone, you must have your contacts stored in the Skype contacts menu. Skype cannot access contacts that are stored in your iPhone's contact list to place video calls. You will be able to voice call contacts who do not have a Skype account, but your contacts must also have a Skype account to receive video calls from your device.

Data Usage

Skype calls use data minutes, not voice minutes, to place and receive phone calls. Skype can use either a Wi-Fi signal or your phone's mobile Internet plan to place and receive calls. The quality of your video chat is determined by the strength and quality of your Internet connection. While a Wi-Fi signal is not required to place Skype calls, it is recommended to achieve high-quality video call and conserve data.