How to Activate Speakers on a Samsung Cell Phone

By Kefa Olang

Your iPhone's volume buttons adjust speakerphone volume during a call.
i Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media/Getty Images

The built-in speakers on a Samsung cell phone can be helpful for hands-free communication while you're driving, or if you simply want more distance between your ears and the phone. Activating the speakers also allows you to put the phone down and multitask while speaking to clients and customers. Although Samsung cell phones come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have different features, activating the speaker during a call is simple.

Step 1

Touch the "Speaker" button during a call to activate the speakerphone on your Samsung cell phone. On some models, you'll need to first press the "Menu" key during a call, then select "Speaker On" to activate the speaker.

Step 2

Press the up or down volume buttons on the side of your Samsung cell phone to increase or decrease speaker volume. Alternatively, press the up or down volume buttons on the screen if you're using a touchscreen phone.

Step 3

Touch the "Speaker" button again to disable the speakerphone. If your phone has a call menu option, press it and then select "Speaker Off" to disable the speakerphone.