How to Activate Sleep Mode

by Kaylee Finn

When entering sleep mode, also called hibernation, the computer saves your current Windows' session before shutting down. All your programs and open files are saved exactly as they are so that when you restart your computer, Windows resumes with them open. This also allows Windows to restart much faster. To use sleep mode, you will need hardware that can support it, as much free space as you have RAM on your hard drive and to enable it in Windows.

Open "Control Panel," found in the Start menu.

Click Performance and Maintenance > Power Options.

Switch to the Hibernation tab. Check the "Enable Hibernation" box. Click "OK."

Hold the "Shift" key while in the shut down mode to turn the standby option into the hibernation option. Click to put it into sleep mode.


  • check Improperly installed or outdated graphics card drivers can prevent you from activating sleep mode. Fully shut down or restart Windows periodically to maintain optimal performance.

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