How to Activate Skype Video

by Jay Darrington

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software such as Skype allows you to use your computer to place calls to almost anywhere in the world. In addition, you can also call other Skype users for free. When you call a Skype user, you also have the opportunity to use Skype Video, which is when you use your webcam with Skype. This allows others to see your face as you talk to them.


Connect your webcam to your computer via the USB Cable. Place the webcam someplace where people can view you, such as on top of a monitor.


Turn on Skype and sign into the Skype network.


Open "Tools" then "Options" to bring up the Options Screen.


Click on "Video Settings." Make sure that the webcam is working. If not, click "Webcam Settings" to open up your webcam software. Refer to your webcam manual for advice. Click "OK."


Right-click on the person you want to call and click on "Video Call." This makes a call to the person and uses your webcam.

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