How to Activate a SIM for Sprint

By Editorial Team

Activate a SIM for Sprint if you purchased it separately.
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Sprint mobile device users have the ability to activate their SIM cards to enable their cell phones to operate correctly. The SIM card saves important cell phone information such as your payment data. Though new phones may come with a SIM card, activate it on your own if you purchase a SIM card separately.

Step 1

Write down your SIM card serial number; find this data on the lower part of the actual SIM card. Note that your network provider may want to know this information to activate your card.

Step 2

Put your SIM card in your cell phone device. To do this, take out the battery of your phone and place the card in its location next to the battery.

Step 3

Power on the cell phone. Then, push "*2" to contact Sprint. This allows you to speak with an employee after pressing the required prompts. When the Sprint representative lets you know that the SIM card activation process is complete, terminate your call.