How to Activate Push Yahoo on an iPhone

by ContributorUpdated May 08, 2020

The iPhone supports push notifications that display alerts when specific events occur. In addition, the service pushes new email, calendar updates and notes to your phone, which can help keep your device synced with your latest data. The iPhone currently supports MobileMe, Yahoo! and Microsoft Exchange accounts for the push service and lets you specify how often you want data pushed to your phone.

Tap "Settings" on your iPhone's home screen.

Settings icon on iPhone home screen.

Tap "Passwords & Accounts."

Passwords & Accounts settings on iPhone.

Tap "Add Account."

Adding account to Passwords & Settings on iPhone.

Tap Yahoo! on the list of providers.

Selecting Yahoo from list of account providers on iPhone.

Sign into your Yahoo account.

Signing into Yahoo account on iPhone.

Tap "On" next to "Mail" and next to "Calendars" and "Notes" if you want to sync them as well. Tap "Save" to save your account settings and to return to your list of accounts.

Tap "Fetch New Data" under your list of accounts and tap "On" next to "Push." Tap "Advanced" at the bottom of the screen and tap "Yahoo!" Tap "Push" to activate push for your Yahoo! account if it is not already enabled.


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