How to Activate an Optus SIM Card

by Michelle Varsallona

The Optus SIM card is ideal if you travel abroad to Australia. After you set up your phone to work outside of the United States, you can insert an Optus SIM card to use while in the Australia. The SIM card is the "heart" of your cell phone. It is where all of your contact data, messages and contacts are stored. This way, if you need to switch phones, as long as the SIM card is working, you can transfer your saved information.


Open your web browser and go to the Optus activation page (see Resources).


Enter the number at the bottom of the SIM card and click "Submit."


Enter the Optus service number which is located on the "Welcome Letter" that you received.


Enter your order number. This is located in the confirmation email you received when you placed your phone order.

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