How to Activate a New Sun Cellular SIM

by Melly Parker

When you travel internationally and still want phone service, use a SIM card from a local provider to connect to the mobile network. Sun Cellular offers voice, text, mobile Web and GPRS service in the Philippines. You must have an unlocked GSM phone to use a Sun Cellular SIM card.


Power down your phone. Remove the battery cover and battery to expose the SIM slot.


Insert your SIM card into your phone. The gold contacts on the card should face down.


Replace the battery and battery cover and then power on the phone.


Create a new text message. Enter "2300" in the recipient field.


Type "NET" in the message field. Click "Send" to transmit the message and activate your SIM.


  • If you'd rather activate your phone with a customer service representative, dial 200 on the Sun phone with the SIM card inserted, or 395-8000 from a land line to get assistance.


  • Not all phones will work on Sun Cellular. Contact customer service before purchasing a SIM card to make sure your device is compatible.

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Brought to you by Techwalla

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