How to Activate a New Facebook Account

by Amy McClain

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites. Signing up for a new account takes only a few moments and is free of charge. You need to provide a small amount of personal information -- such as your name and date of birth -- then activate your account by clicking on the confirmation email sent to you by Facebook. Facebook users must be at least 13 years of age and have a valid email address.

Point your browser to

Enter your first and last name in the appropriate fields, below the "Sign Up" header on the right side of the page.

Enter your email address into the "Your Email" field. Re-enter your email in the "Re-Enter Email" field to confirm it.

Enter a password into the "New Password" field. Your password must be at least six characters in length and should consist of letters, numbers and punctuation marks for added security.

Click the drop-down boxes to enter your gender and date of birth, then click "Sign Up." Enter the displayed CAPTCHA in the "Text in the Box" field on the next page -- if you cannot read the displayed CAPTCHA, click the "Try Another Text" link. Finally, click "Sign Up."

Find friends that you have in your email contacts list by entering your email into the designated field and clicking "Find Friends." If you want to find friends later, click "Skip This Step" at the bottom of the page.

Add your high school, college and/or employer information on the next page, if desired. Click "Skip" to skip or "Save and Continue" to save the information you entered.

Browse your computer for a profile picture or take a new photo with a webcam on the next page. Click "Save and Continue" to set the picture you've selected to your profile picture. If you want to add a picture later, click "Skip."

Log in to your email account and locate the confirmation email from Facebook. If you do not see the message in your inbox, try checking your junk email or spam folders.

Click the hyperlink in the email to confirm your account, or copy the address and paste it into your browser. A popup message displays, confirming that you've successfully created your account.


  • check For maximum security, choose a password that is hard for someone to guess, and one that is also different than other passwords you use online.

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