How to Activate My New Cell Phone Online

by Jessica Johnson

Activating your cell phone online is a convenient alternative to calling customer service. Prepaid phones will always need to be activated. If you have purchased your phone online from the service provider's website, it will typically activate itself as soon as it is charged. If you bought a phone from a retail website, once you insert your SIM card your phone will typically be automatically activated as well. In the case they are not activated, they can be manually activated online.

Visit your service provider's website.

Select the link for "Activate phone." If you currently have an account with the provider, you may need to log in to find this link.

Enter the required information. For cell phones with SIM cards, you will need to enter the SIM card number; for a prepaid phone or phones without SIM cards, you may have to enter the serial number located on the battery of the phone.

Enter any personal information. Different providers require different information, such as an existing cell phone number, last four digits of your Social Security Number or address.

Complete the registration and your phone will be active in a few minutes.


  • check If you have issues activating online, it will be necessary to call customer service.

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