How to Activate Netflix on Vizio Internet Apps

by Rebecca Gilbert

Save your movie money and watch your favorite flicks directly on your VIZIO television. VIZIO carries a line of Internet-connected televisions that provides you with the Netflix Apps to stream movies directly to your VIZIO. Activating your Netflix account through your VIZIO takes only minutes to set up, even if you need to join Netflix before activation. You will be ready to choose and watch your favorite shows while the popcorn is still popping.

Step 1

Connect your VIZIO television to your network, if it isn't already. From the television menu, select "Network" for the wireless setup, and follow the on-screen instructions. Otherwise connect an Ethernet cord to your television from the modem for a wired connection.

Step 2

Locate Netflix on the on-screen apps and from the remote, press "OK," "Yes" if you have Netflix and press "OK." If you have a Netflix membership note the activation code provided when you enter your name and password. If not, sign up for a Netflix account to receive your code.

Log in to Netflix and enter the activation code into the Netflix activation Web page. Click "Activate" and your VIZIO television now plays your Netflix videos from the Internet Apps.

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