How to Activate a Mousepad on a HP Laptop

By James Clark

HP laptop computers and subsidiary Compaq's line of notebook computers are equipped with a built-in navigation device known as a touchpad, which is also commonly referred to as a mousepad. The device lets you move the cursor around the screen by pressing and sliding a fingertip on the pad area. The feature can be used in place of a traditional, external mouse. A button on the side of the pad lets you turn on or shut off the feature quickly. You can also activate the pad through the laptop's Control Panel.

Press the button in the top left corner of the pad to activate the feature. Press again to turn it off. This is a fast way to activate or deactivate the touchpad temporarily. The touchpad can also be activated through the operating system's control panel, as outlined in steps 2 and 3.

Click the Start button in the lower left corner of the HP screen to click "Control Panel" and choose "Hardware and Sound." Under the category "Devices and Printers," click the "Mouse" option.

Click the "Device Settings" tab at the top right corner and click the "Enable" button to activate the mousepad.