How to Activate a Microphone in "Microsoft Flight Simulator X"

By Shawn Farner

Use voice chat to improve your response time in
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"Microsoft Flight Simulator X" attempts to bring the full experience of flying an aircraft to the PC. Much like a pilot in an actual aircraft, you can utilize a headset or microphone to communicate with others who are playing with you during a multiplayer session. If your chat window is closed, your microphone does not work automatically; you'll need to utilize keyboard commands to use your microphone during a game.

Step 1

Start up "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" and join a multiplayer game.

Step 2

Open the chat window and speak. Your microphone should work correctly under these circumstances.

Step 3

Hold the "Caps Lock" key down on your keyboard if your chat box is closed and you want to communicate with other pilots who are on your chat frequency. Alternatively, hold the "Caps Lock" and "Shift" keys down simultaneously if you want your voice to be heard on all frequencies. When you're finished with a transmission, release the keys.