How to Activate MetroPCS Call Forwarding

By Michelle Carvo

Updated September 21, 2017

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MetroPCS offers multiple call forwarding options including Instant Call Forwarding and Conditional Call Forwarding. Activate call forwarding on your MetroPCS device with these options or built-in options on Android or iPhone.

On All MetroPCS Devices

MetroPCS allows you to set up two different types of call forwarding options on any device regardless of operating system. The first type is Instant Call Forwarding. Set-up MetroPCS Instant Call Forwarding by dialing "72" on your phone plus the number that you want your calls forwarded to. If the number the calls should go to is 555-333-2222, then you would dial "725553332222" and press the “Enter” key.

The second type of call forwarding is Conditional Call Forwarding. Set up Conditional Call Forwarding by dialing "*74" on your phone plus the number that you want your calls forwarded to. Press the “Enter” key to activate Conditional Call Forwarding.

Calls instantly forwarded will go straight to another number while calls conditionally forwarded will ring the original number and then forward to the secondary number if there is no answer.

Contact MetroPCS to have Instant or Conditional Call Forwarding disabled from your phone when you are done using it.

Android MetroPCS Devices

You can set up call forwarding on Android MetroPCS devices right through the Android operating system. This may be easier for you than setting it up through the 74 or 72 options listed in the previous section. Set up Android MetroPCS call forwarding by going to “Settings” in Android and then tapping “Call Settings”. Tap “Call forwarding settings” to access the call forwarding options on your Android device. You can choose whether or not to always forward calls or to forward them only when busy, unanswered, or unreachable. Tap your desired option and then type in your forwarding number on the next screen. Calls will now be forwarded according to your specifications.

Disabling call forwarding in Android is as simple as going back into the “Call Settings” section and removing your forwarding number from there.

iPhone MetroPCS Devices

Much like Android, iPhone has a built-in option to forward calls received on the device. Access the iPhone call forwarding settings by going to “Settings” and then tapping “Phone”. Tap “Call Forwarding” and then type in the forwarding number. Tap the “Call Forwarding” button again to save these settings. Calls will be automatically and instantly forwarded from your iPhone’s number to another number.

Disabling call forwarding for your MetroPCS iPhone device is as easy as going back into the “Call Forwarding” settings and removing the forwarding number.