How to Activate the iPhone Facebook Pictures for Contacts

By Aksana Nikolai

Bring your iPhone contact list to life by activating Facebook pictures for contacts.
i Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images

Instead of launching Facebook each time you want to see your friends’ profile pictures, you can sync your phone’s contact list with the iPhone Facebook app. Integrating the two imports your Facebook friends’ profile pictures and information into the corresponding entries in your phone’s Contacts app. The iPhone places the Facebook logo on imported photos to distinguish them. This feature can be useful if you do not have time to manually assign photos to contacts.

Step 1

Download the Facebook iPhone app if you have not already done so, and then log in to the app using your Facebook credentials.

Step 2

Tap “Settings” on the iPhone’s Home screen, and then select “Facebook.”

Step 3

Toggle the Contacts switch to the “On” position, and then tap “Update All Contacts.”

Step 4

Click the “Home” button, and then launch the Contacts app.

Step 5

Click the entry of a contact that you are Facebook friends with. The Info screen displays the contact’s Facebook profile picture as the contact photo.